What Do The Buttons Do?

Once you have selected the type of character you want to create ie male/female and their hand positions you will be taken to the build page which looks like this.  You will notice a character has already appeared.  This is because the software automatically creates a random character for you to start you off.

You will notice the four icons placed beneath the blue area on the build section when you land on the build page.


Select Character – This allows you to change between the male and female models once you are logged in.  By clicking on this button it will take you back to the select character page.

New - This gives you the option to start creating your Mascot from scratch.  If you click on the button it will remove the random character and allow you to select every detail for your character. It will show ‘None selected’ in the boxes.


Random – By clicking the random button the software will automatically create characters.  You can select random as many times as you like to find something suitable.  Sometimes choosing random can also give you a starting point or idea and you can change parts of the character to your taste.

Download – Once you are happy with the character you have made, simply click on this download button and save it to your computer.  The download is in .png format and the male model is 768 x 1201 pixels in size with the female slightly larger at 936 x 1223 pixels.