Welcome to Our New Members

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 by JoJo under General

Welcome to our new members who signed up pre-launch and have been given access today (finally, we hear you sighing).  We really hope you enjoy playing around with Mascot Mojo and we apologise for the delay in you being able to access the site.  As Frank will have mentioned in his emails to you we have experienced a few problems along the way, the main one being our developer leaving.   However, the brilliant Paul stepped up to the mark and has created a really great interface, which will only get better and better over time.

Running up to our official launch date we still have quite a bit of work to sort out.  While running tests we’ve noticed a few minor areas that need tweaking which always happens when you start with something new.   These are more to do with the background running of the mascot builder such as some of the layers needing to be  re-positioned and re-defined but it won’t stop you from creating some great mascots.  We have already made over 100 different characters and there are thousands that can be made.

We welcome any feedback you have and we will of course be updating the videos and the site itself shortly.  We hesitated about giving you access to the site until this was all completed but we thought it would be far better and more fun for you to start creating your own great characters.

Some great news for you though.  We have some Halloween costumes coming shortly to add to the clothing selections so that will be exciting.  :-)   Also, we’ve extended your memberships as a thank you for your patience.  If you signed up for  six months, you now have twelve months membership and if you signed up for twelve months, it’s now 2 years.  :-) :-)

All that and much more to come.  So for now happy Mascot Mojo-ing!!

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