Problem With Loading Female Character

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2012 by JoJo under General

We’ve discovered a slight bug with the female character this morning.  If you’re having problems loading the pages today – we’re sorry about that – and we are sorting it.

My job today is to  work through Mascot Mojo thoroughly to look at any little tweaks we need to make and  give a list of anything I find to our programmer/designer.   We mentioned on the welcome page there are one or two little layering issues which are being sorted but then today I can’t actually get to the female pages I wanted!   The odd thing is Frank can access them but I can’t (using Firefox), even when I clear the cache.   If  I can’t get them straight away then maybe other people are having the same issue.

So, don’t worry we are working on correcting it and once again, apologies if you are having a problem.  :-)

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