Changing Your Random Mascot

Making Changes to Your Random Mascot

Using the random select can give you ideas about a character that can help inspire how you complete your Mascot.  This tutorial will show you how to change aspects of a character once you have a random character.

Okay, so let’s assume you’ve selected a random character and you quite like the look of it but want to change the clothes and the background.  This is the character that has appeared.


You decide that you want to change the background.  Select background by clicking the red background button on the left of the menu.  It will display the following graphic as this is the background already selected.

Click on the background picture and it will show you all the available backgrounds.

You decide that you don’t actually want a background.  Select ‘none’ and the background will disappear.


Now you decide that you want to put the Mascot into a suit.  Choose the yellow icon called ‘clothing and footwear’.  It will bring up ‘footwear’, ‘lower clothing’ and ‘upper clothing’.  Note that the yellow icon appears slightly lower to show which section you are on.

To change any of these items, as before, click on the icon you want to change and it will bring up a range of items.  Let’s change lower clothing to ‘black pants’. Click on the lower clothing picture and a whole range of trousers and shorts will appear.

Select ‘long black pants’ and it will change the Mascot’s shorts to black trousers.


 Now we need a black jacket to go with it.  Select the ‘Upper Clothing’ icon (displayed with white t-shirt in this example) and you’ll see all the tops displayed.  Note the scroller on the right hand side.

Select the jacket you want.  In this case it’s the black jacket on the left and the Mascot will instantly change.

You can see in the build function that the icons have also changed to reflect the garments you selected.  To complete the look let’s choose a nice tie.  These are under accessories in the green tab.

We’ll choose a nice purple tie, so as before click on the ‘purple tie’ icon and select.

The final part of this mascot is to select some smart shoes.  For this we need to go back into ‘clothing and accessories’ which is the yellow tab.

We will choose black formal shoes (at the bottom) and the final picture will look like this . . . . . .

Finally . . . .  download your Mascot .