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Launch Date Approaching

The official launch date for Mascot Mojo is getting closer.  Fingers crossed it will be in October (sooner rather than later :-) ).  All the final graphics are being loaded and we have to make sure you can access the site properly so we are working hard to get this completed along with a new front page.

Sneak Preview

It’s all well and good for us here at Mascot Mojo telling you how well the site is going when you can’t actually see anything!  So here is a screenshot of the Build Mascot page where you will be able to create the style of your Mascot.


It’s worth noting that the site will be evolving all the while once it’s live.  We’re working on different characters and of course a lot more clothing, accessories etc which we will add to on a regular basis.  As it stands we have a great selection of styles to open the site and we’re really in the ‘tweaking’ stage making sure everything is working properly.

Ellen DeGeneres Mascot

Here at Mascot Mojo we have been big fans of Ellen DeGeneres ever since her sitcom Ellen.  While we can’t watch her chat show live we do dip in and out of the youtube videos to catch glimpses of some really funny clips and to marvel at the good she has done for so many people.

In honour of Ellen we have created our own Ellen Mojo based on a photograph we saw recently in the Hollywood press which you can see via the fanpix website here.  We’ve also pinned it to our Pinterest board.

Hope you like it.

Mascot Mojo Quote of the Day


New Colours

Well, we hope you like the new colours although as the site isn’t totally complete yet it’s hard to fully appreciate it.     Also, the interface for creating the mascots isn’t available for public viewing yet but watch this space.

Just to give you a little more insight you can check out the mini slide show on this page.  We’re currently working on a video too!!

When I Grow Up . . . .

If you had the choice of jobs what would be your dream?

New Design

Great news.  The Mascot Mojo site is undergoing a new design change in keeping with our logo.

We saw the initial colours last night and it’s gorgeous.  Can’t wait for it to be uploaded which should  hopefully happen in the next week or so.

It’s much nicer than the current black which makes reading harder.

Hello and Welcome

Here at Mascot Mojo the team are working hard to get the site up and running as soon as possible. We felt that a news blog would be a good idea to keep you informed, especially if you get to the front page and constantly see ‘Mascot Mojo is coming soon’. Doesn’t really help does it? :-)

Anyhow, you can now see from the dates of the posts how current everything is.  We have lots of plans for the site and the Mascot Mojo product which will unfold gradually.  Well we can’t get you too excited can we?

To start with, to get the site open, we will have two characters – one male and one female.  With each of the characters you will be able to create lots of different looks by changing facial expressions,  skin colour, hair style, hair colour, clothes and accessories.  If you’ve taken a look at the video you’ll be able to see what we mean.

We also have a Facebook page so please come along and like us, as well as checking out some of the characters.

We are on Twitter so please come and follow us and we have a Pinterest site too (this just shows what we like here at Mascot Mojo but we hope you do too!).   We will be putting the proper symbols on the site shortly but for now we’re just excited to be able to keep you up to date with our first post.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to bookmark us.